Thomas Kurian, an Indian businessman, has been the CEO of Google Cloud since 2019. As of May 2, 2018, Thomas Kurian’s net worth is thought to be at least $23.2 million. Over the past 12 years, Thomas Kurian has sold ORCL stock worth more than $0 and owns over 979,402 units of Oracle stock valued at over $23,177,260.

How Old Is Thomas Kurian?

Thomas Kurian was born in 1966 (56 years) to P.C. Kurian and his wife Molly in the Kerala, India village of Pampady in the Kottayam district. Chemical engineer Kurian senior served as Graphite India’s general manager.  One of four brothers, including his identical twin George Kurian, who was appointed CEO of NetApp in 2015, was Thomas Kurian.

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Thomas Kurian Wife: Is He married or single?

Thomas Kurian, a driven businessman, may have flaunted his career to the world. But when it comes to his wife, his wife’s family, and even his kids, he is an expert. Thomas Kurian is married to Allison Walsh Kurian an American medical oncologist.

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