Taylor Fritz wants to shock everyone at Wimbledon this year and give his gorgeous influencer girlfriend, Michael Riddle the best possible surprise.

Rafa Nadal will square off against the American tennis ace in the tournament’s quarterfinals.

Who was Taylor Fritz’s Girlfriend?

When her boyfriend overcame Jason Kubler in the final round, Morgan Riddle, 24, was watching from the audience and supporting her man.

She wasn’t a wimp during the match; she applauded, clapped, and punched the air when her partner earned an amazing 6-3, 6-1, 6-4 victory.

The Instagram account of the Minnesota model, where she posts glitzy images from her international travels, has more than 50,000 followers.

She is frequently seen at tennis competitions, where she supports Fritz, the 14th-ranked player in the world, in his activity.

“LFG QUARTERFINALS,” Riddle wrote in an Instagram Story after defeating Kubler.

She attended the match in a lovely white floral outfit while carrying a bottle of water and her phone so she could record the event.

Hoop earrings and sunglasses were used as accessories to complete the gorgeous outfit.

After she won, Morgan also posted a video of her man getting ready for an in-court interview.

There are also brief movies of her taking in London’s attractions while spending the summer there.

Although Morgan is a Los Angeles resident, she frequently travels or flies in private aircraft to support the 24-year-old Fritz while he is on tour.

Fritz and his ex-wife Raquel Pedraza have been together for two years, and they have a son together.

On TikTok, Riddle also shares personal facts about his life. In February, he talked openly about what it was like to be dating a top tennis player.

She introduced herself as Morgan and explained that she and her partner, the top-ranked American tennis player, had crossed the globe on the ATP tour.

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