Apparently, Ricky Martin’s 21-year-old nephew has accused him of having an affair and faces up to 50 years in prison if found guilty.

Due to domestic abuse that occurred in Puerto Rico earlier this month, the musician was issued a restraining order. However, the victim’s name had been hidden.

A Puerto Rican judge approved the restraining order against Martin on July 1st, but the identity of the complainant remained a secret.

Ricky Martin Nephew Photo

Eric Martin’s brother Martin identified the complainant as the artist’s nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez.
When the restraining order was secured under Puerto Rico’s domestic violence laws, Martin and Sanchez had been dating for seven months.


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Ricky Martin Nephew Photo
Ricky Martin Nephew Photo

Martin was repeatedly found lurking in front of Sanchez’s home, seemingly refusing to accept their breakup.

Sanchez also charged Martin with maltreatment of the body and the mind.

According to reports in Spanish media, Ricky Martin, who may serve up to 50 years in prison, has been accused of incest by his 21-year-old nephew.


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