Instagram user @mycoool_ has 23.3k followers and posts photos of Mychelle Johnson. Miles Bridges, an NBA player from the United States, is her boyfriend.

During the week of June 27-28, Mychelle posted harrowing images of her injuries on Instagram. She had previously informed their two children that her NBA player boyfriend, Bridges, had struck her and hurt their children.

On social media, Johnson, 24, claimed that Bridges choked her to unconsciousness, breaking her nose, and injuring her brain. He had no negative impact on their children.

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Mychelle Johnson Photos And Pictures

To prove that her partner mistreated her, Mychelle Johnson recently uploaded distressing images of her wounds on her Instagram account.

Bridges had a concussion and a broken nose. @mycoool_ is the Instagram handle of Miles’ gorgeous girlfriend. It currently has 23.3 thousand followers.

It appears like she is on the verge of becoming an internet sensation. She and her husband, Miles, and their two children were enjoying a peaceful existence.

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