The oddsmakers have Penny Mordaunt, a conservative lawmaker, as the next prime minister.

The Minister of State for Trade Policy has worked a variety of jobs, but who is she married to?

Who is Penny Mordaunt’s husband, Paul Murray?

Penny met Paul Murray while studying as a mature student at the University of Reading.

In 2003, she became a Conservative candidate in Portsmouth North, although she lost that election.

Not much is known about Paul as he didn’t stay with Penny and hasn’t been in the spotlight.

Penny is recognizable from her appearance in Splash! of ITV. in which she collapsed spectacularly.

When did Penny Mordaunt and Paul Murray get married?

The couple married in 1999 while they were still in college.

Just a year later, they ended up divorcing.

Penny is now with Ian Lyon, a classical singer, and the couple have been together for a long time.

How many children does Penny Mordaunt have?

Penny has no children but is a fan of cats and raises Burmese cats at home.

The Devonshire-born Brexiteer also has a twin brother named James.

She took a gap year before attending university to help children in orphanages in Romania.

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