More than 50 years ago, Marlin Briscoe, who passed away on Monday, June 27, 2022, was the first black starting quarterback in the American Football League.

Before the Denver Broncos selected Briscoe, an Omaha, Nebraska native, as a cornerback in the 14th round of the 1968 NFL Draft, he was a successful quarterback at Omaha University.

If he didn’t get a quarterback tryout, Briscoe told the team, he would go back home and become a teacher.

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Denver agreed to a tryout, and on October 6 the 5-foot-10 powerhouse dubbed “The Magician” was named to the starting lineup.

What is Marlin Briscoe’s cause of death?

His daughter, Angela Marriott, claims that Briscoe passed away from pneumonia in a Norwalk, California, hospital. Because of problems with the circulation in his legs, he was taken to the hospital.

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