Around $10 million is thought to be Liz Truss‘s net worth. Her primary source of income is her political job, which brings in a salary of about $450,000.

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Mary Elizabeth Truss, a British politician, was born on July 26, 1975. She has served as South West Norfolk’s Member of Parliament (MP) since 2010.

She has held the positions of Minister for Women and Equalities from 2019 and Foreign Secretary since 2021. She is a Conservative Party member and has held a number of cabinet posts under Prime Ministers Boris Johnson, Theresa May, and David Cameron.


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She has a history of being linked to socially and economically conservative viewpoints.

Who is Liz Truss?

Truss studied at Merton College in Oxford, where she served as the head of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats and openly expressed republican views.

After she graduated, her opinions significantly changed, and today, she is seen as being solidly on the right of British politics.

She joined the Conservative Party after receiving her diploma in 1996. Before joining Reform as deputy director, she held positions at Shell and Cable & Wireless.

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