The GOOD Morning Britain host Kate Garraway shares personal details in her second documentary, Caring For Derek, about her spouse.

Former lobbyist Derek was hospitalized again in July 2022 after contracting Covid in March 2020.

Who is Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek Draper?

From Chorley, Lancashire, Derek Draper, 54, is a public relations expert and former political adviser.

In 1998, he was at the core of the “Lobbygate” incident and served as Peter Mandelson’s political advisor.

After that, he went back to school for three years in California to earn a degree in psychotherapy.

He was a political editor for Modern Review in the late 1990s. He also briefly wrote a column for the Daily Express and hosted TalkRADIO UK.

He founded and took over as editor of the LabourList blog in 2009.

But following yet another email leak incident, he announced his resignation as editor.

Gordon Brown’s special advisor Damian McBride suggested using the blog to disparage key Conservative MPs and their spouses in messages emailed to him.

On August 23, 2019, Draper made the decision to resign from the Labor Party after 35 years.

He has written novels like Blair’s 100 Days and Life Support and is a renowned author.

In June 2020, he will publish a new book titled The Psychology of Everyday Life: 50 Short Ideas for Thriving in the Modern World.

He was admitted to the hospital in March 2020 with coronavirus and stayed there for more than a year.

But after medical professionals determined that Derek could finally be discharged from the hospital in April 2021, it was revealed that he had gone back home.

Although all of Derek’s equipment, including his breathing machine, has now been taken away, he will still require round-the-clock care, and his family has been informed that his battle to regain his health will be “long and demanding.”

When did Kate Garraway marry Derek Draper?

Kate Garraway married Derek Draper in 2005 in Camden, London.

Garraway was previously married to former Meridian boss Ian Rumsey from 1998 to 2002.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has been outspoken about her husband’s recovery from the debilitating condition and says she felt terribly lonely.

Speaking on the subject, he said: “I think one of the worst things is the terrible loneliness…of having him here but not here. It’s really indescribable. It’s so hard.”

“I can see it, but it’s absent, and you feel very alone, all the time.”

He also confessed, “I still hope we’ll have a happy ending, but in the end it feels untenable.”

How many children do Kate Garraway and Derek Draper have?

Two kids were born to Kate and Derek.

Darcey, the couple’s 15-year-old daughter, was born on March 10th, 2006.

Their son William, also known as Billy, was born on July 28, 2009, and he is 12 years old.

On Kate’s Instagram page, where he has more than 1 million followers, both kids occasionally show up.

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