On Hulu’s Love, Victor, a 21-year-old actor, plays Victor Salazar. Despite the fact that Cimino is straight, he has faced hostility and death threats as a result of his portrayal of a gay character.

Is Victor Salazar really Gay?

“I’ve definitely had some backlash from the LGBT community for being in the position,” Cimino told Attitude, acknowledging that some LGBTQ roles are filled by straight people. “Death threats have been made against me, which is terrifying. However, the show is really essential to me. I knew there would be hate letters no matter how good I was when I went into it.”

He also discussed the unexpected negative feedback he received from members of his own family.

“I got a few homophobic comments, which I kind of expected. I didn’t expect it from members of my own family, but “He went on to say. “‘You used to be so cool; now you’re so queer,’ they said to one another. I blame it on my lack of knowledge. People are programmed in this way, and they don’t have to progress or strive to push past it.”

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“There’s nothing wrong with being homosexual,” the actor said. “That ignorance is typically passed down from generation to generation,” he continued. “”These are normal individuals who are struggling, and they shouldn’t have to struggle,” I constantly remark.

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“That is not how you support LGBT rights or how you are an ally. What are you doing if you’re not a true ally?” He went on to say, “It’s an honor and a huge duty to play Victor. I went in with the sole purpose of accurately representing that. To ensure that everyone going through this narrative felt represented by the program, I held myself to a very high standard.”

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Victor’s first season saw him coming to terms with his sexuality and coming out of the closet. The second season delves into what happens after you come out, with a number of plotlines that take the show from PG to PG-13.

“I feel like [fans] are going to be really excited that we’re tackling some more serious topics,” Cimino told ET ahead of the season 2 premiere. “I do feel like the overall show still feels very much the same. It’s just that we’re tackling some more real issues this season.”

“It’s really important. I think this show tackles these issues in a way where it’s easily digestible for people of all ages,” Cimino added. “And I think it depicts it in a natural way, in a way where parents who are struggling won’t feel like, ‘Oh, I’m being punished for watching us.’ It’s like, ‘OK, I feel accepted because other parents go through the same experience, and now I know how to be a better parent because of it.’”

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