On July 1, new Stranger Things episodes were released, and with them came more fan theories! Following the discovery of a flag by fans in the most recent, many people are now convinced that Jonathan Byers, played by Charlie Heaton, is pansexual.
Fans have frequently debated the characters’ sexual orientation in Stranger Things. Whether Will Byers is gay has been a subject of discussion for a while.

We do not yet know the answers to this, but it appears that someone may have found another clue, this one relating to the other Byers.

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the pansexual flag ? alright jonathan. pic.twitter.com/tGRmu18Pao

— # kikace ( aki kisser ) ★ (@sousokou) July 1, 2022

Is Jonathan Byers might be pansexual?

A pansexual flag can be seen in one of the Season 4 episode 9 sequences where Will and Jonathan are conversing, as observant viewers have noted.

It would go missed at first glance. Someone did, however, manage to find it. As the action moves along, we can see that the pansexual flag is still in view and that Jonathan is the only person left in the picture. Because of this, some people believe that the character’s sexual orientation may be hinted at in a subtle way by the designers.

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Additionally, a social media user brought attention to the fact that Charlie had previously tweeted about his engagement to Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington in one of the tweets. Although neither the actor nor the show’s creators have ever acknowledged this, it appears that viewers have made a hasty judgment.

Some viewers brought up Nancy’s top, which appeared to have the same colors as the pansexual flag, in addition to the fridge scenario.
Additionally, the disc at the snowball also seems to have a pansexual flag in one of the scenes with Eleven.

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Even if there isn’t really a connection to the show’s plot, the appearance of the flag has undoubtedly caused viewers to wonder.

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