In July, Netflix added “Hex” (“Incantation”), a brand-new Taiwanese horror movie that has already become one of the most popular titles on the service.

This is partly attributable to the director Kevin Ko, who has already admitted that his grim tale may have drawn influence from actual events.

What is the “Hex” movie about?

“Incantation” The movie premiered on March 18, 2022, and on July 7, 2022, it became available on streaming services. It appears to have even topped the horrifying “The Black Phone,” which was hailed as the best horror film of the year.


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The plot centers on Li Ronana, a lady who, as she relates in the movie trailer, broke a significant religious taboo six years ago, cursing her and her old companions who later perished after having met a kind of malicious creature face-to-face.

Is “Hex” Real Story?

Li, who was pregnant at the time of the tragic event, must now attempt to survive and break the curse with her young daughter, who will be complicit in her mother’s grave errors.

The film is in the mockumentary style, innovatively blending photography from films such as “The Blair Witch Project” Y “Paranormal activity”.

The movie “Hex,” directed by Kevin Ko, revealed that it was partially based on an actual Taiwanese occurrence involving a family of cult followers. The existence of a real genesis story that inspired the movie has not been established, nevertheless.


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What Ko has remarked on is that in order to construct his narrative, he amassed aspects of popular online culture, such as “damn” email chains, Twitter and Reddit threads, and numerous depressing videos from YouTubers.

Is “Hex” based on real events?

Kevin added that he wanted to tell a story that made the audience feel connected to the characters and human in addition to being scared.

In the tape’s introduction, he said, “I know how to shock the public with an effective horror sequence, but a decent horror movie is not enough with such tricks.”

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