Archie Battersbee, 12, can stop receiving life-sustaining care, the judge has decided.

On April 7, Archie was discovered comatose at his Southend, Essex, home.

The Royal London Hospital’s medical staff determined that he was “brain stem dead” and that discontinuing treatment was in his best interests.

Is Archie Battersbee dead or alive?

The mother of Archie Dance, Hollie Dance, stated that the family intended to challenge the most recent ruling.

She declared, “Archie would want us to keep fighting… and we will keep fighting.”

Ms. Dance previously testified that she thought Archie had participated in an online challenge before being discovered.

The family has a second chance to challenge Mr. Justice Hayden’s denial of their request by directly requesting permission from the Court of Appeal by Monday at 14:00 BST.


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The High Court in London has heard this matter twice already.

Earlier, a different court agreed with the doctors and declared Archie dead; today, Mr. Justice Hayden also ruled in the hospital’s favor.

After the family appealed, the Court of Appeal decided that a second hearing was required, and he heard the case in the High Court on Monday.

Continued treatment, according to Mr. Justice Hayden, is “futile.”

He claimed that it “serves solely to delay his death, while being unable to lengthen his life.”

The family of Archie Battersbee may challenge the decision about life support.

Judge orders that the boy’s coma treatments should end.

How did the case of Archie Battersbee wind up in court?

Archie had sustained a “devastating” brain injury, according to attorneys for Barts Health NHS Trust, the hospital’s governing trust.


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For the medical professionals caring for him, they claimed that life support was “burdensome,” “contrary to dignity,” and “ethically unpleasant.”

Parents Ms. Dance and Paul Battersbee had argued that Archie’s treatment should go for as long as his heart continued to beat.

Mr. Justice Hayden was informed by Mr. Battersbee, who is divorced from Ms. Dance, that his son “would not want to leave” her.

His mother described the decision to halt therapy as a “crushing blow” while speaking outside of court.

“In my opinion, the scheduled removal of the ventilator is the worst thing that could occur. I fail to see how this is honorable in any way.

“We reject the notion of death with dignity. It is incredibly cruel to impose it on us and hasten his demise for that reason, she remarked.


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A High Court judge declared Archie Battersbee to be “brain-stem dead” in June.

Archie had a “severe injury” to “many parts” of his brain, according to Mr. Justice Hayden, and had never “regained awareness at any time.”

The judge remarked, “Archie’s mother described him as a fighter and I have no doubt he was.

But Archie is no longer in charge of the conflict, if that phrase can be used.

He claimed that the available medical data demonstrated that Archie’s health could not “possibly” improve and that “there is absolutely no possibility of recovery.”

The judge declared that he arrived at his decisions “with genuine sadness.”

Archie’s family members, including Ms. Dance, Mr. Battersbee, and others, were present in court to hear the judge’s ruling.

Mr. Battersbee lamented that there had been “too many conflicts in too short a time.”

He requires more time.

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