The Drew League is a summer pro-am basketball league held in Los Angeles, California. The league, which was founded in 1973, has grown in popularity over the years, with NBA players regularly participating in its games. Alvin Wills, who worked at Charles R. Drew Middle School, founded the Drew League in 1973, with six teams.

Drew League

Over the 1980s, the league grew in popularity, with an increasing number of teams (10 in 1985, 14 in 1988) and several high-profile high school, college, and professional players taking part in the games. The average attendance per game increased to 800. Over the years, players from China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain have competed in the Drew League.

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Do you get paid in the Drew League?


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To accommodate the increased attendance, the Drew League relocated from the Leon H. Washington Park gym to King/Drew Magnet High School in 2012. Nike began sponsoring the league in 2013. The average attendance in 2016 was 1,100.

The Drew League was featured in the basketball video game NBA Live 18 in 2017. The league has attracted over 20,000 players since its inception. The Drew League currently has 24 teams competing in 2019, with 28 teams participating in previous seasons. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 season was canceled.

Drew League payers salary: How much are they paid?

There are currently three salary levels for Drew League players. The highest paid players, known as ‘A’ players, make $25,000 per year. The ‘B’ players are paid $19,000, while the C players are paid $13,000.


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