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Who is Gordon Donaldson?

Donaldson was a Glasgow native. He attended school up until the age of sixteen before beginning employment at the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald. He enlisted in the British Army in 1944. “I became a reporter at 16 and never aspired to be anything other than a foreign correspondent,” said Donaldson in an explanation of his career goals. Donaldson worked for the British Intelligence Corps at the end of World War II. After the war, he covered anti-Semitism in Germany extensively. Donaldson began working for the daily Toronto Telegram after moving to Canada with his wife Nina in 1954, and one of his obituaries mentions that he did so “during the fierce circulation wars with the Toronto Star in the 1950s and 1960s.” [Donaldson created the first fallout bunker in Canada in 1955 as part of that rivalry between the media, living there for two days while the Toronto Telegram published articles about it.  He resided in Washington, D.C. from 1963 and 1966 while working with the Toronto Telegram, and the US Secret Service detained him while he was in Texas for approaching US President Lyndon B. Johnson. Beginning in 1966, Donaldson was employed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Donaldson covered space travel, including trips to the Moon, in his work for the CBC.


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Following that, he worked for CTV television and appeared on the show W-FIVE. The Military Man (1970), a television documentary about the Canadian Forces during the Pearson-Trudeau era, was among Donaldson’s accomplishments. Additionally, he created a film about Vladimir Lenin.  The Prime Ministers of Canada was suggested for students by a critic who called it “straightforward and immensely engaging” and “accessible and beneficial.” In his book Bastards & Boneheads, Canadian humorist Will Ferguson listed Michael Bliss’ Right Honourable Men and Donaldson’s book on prime ministers as the two “most gratifying” sources on prime ministers. Ferguson did provide some criticism, stating that it was “quite troubling” since Donaldson allegedly used the word “squaw” more than once.

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How old is Gordon Donaldson?

Donaldson was born on 13th April in the year 1913

He unfortunately passed on at the age of 80 on 16th 1993

Who are Gordon Donaldson’s parents?

Gordon Donaldson’s has not released any information about his parents.

However, it will be updated once it gets into the public domain

What is Gordon Donaldson’s Height?

Gordon Donaldson has not released any information about his height

However, it will be updated once it gets into the public domain

Who is Gordon Donaldson’s Wife?

Gordon Donaldson’s wife is called Nina with whom he migrated to Canada with in 1954.


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Who are Gordon Donaldson’s Children?

The names of Gordon Donaldson children are not yet in the public domain but will be updated as soon as they are known.

What is Gordon Donaldson’s Net worth?

Gordon Donaldson, is a very wealthy personality as a result of his hard work long years of service. The journalist’s net worth is estimated to be between $ 1-3 million. Thanks for reading, we hope

The written works of Donaldson include histories like Battle for a Continent. His histories of the Canadian prime ministers were collected into a single volume and released as Fifteen Men in 1969. It has to be renamed Sixteen Men and Eighteen Men after years of changes beginning in 1975. After Kim Campbell became the country’s first female prime minister, it was ultimately given the title The Prime Ministers of Canada. Twenty Persons “didn’t have the same ring to it,” as Donaldson noted in his preface from 1993.

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