Gaara was developed as a counterpoint to the series’ title character, Naruto Uzumaki, as the two were born under similar conditions but grow up in quite different ways.

His final design underwent significant alterations, as did his name, and later arcs adjusted it to make Gaara’s design simpler to draw.

Gaara is voiced by Liam O’Brien in the English adaptation of the anime while Akira Ishida does it in the Japanese version.

Gaara Tattoo

It is consequently impossible for a true fan of the manga Naruto to have never wondered what Gaara’s tattoo meant. Gaara’s tattoo significance was unknown for a very long time until we learned the truth in Naruto episodes 75 and 76. It was first spotted during the first Chunin Exam of the Naruto series.


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If you’ve been paying close attention to these episodes concerning the Fifth Kazekage’s background, you already know that Gaara’s tattoo is the Kanji (ai) which, when translated into English, means “Love.” But the story behind this tattoo is much deeper than it first appears, so now we’re going to travel back to Sunagakure to find out what the sign on Gaara’s body means.

Who is Gaara?

Gaara of the Sand, also known as Subaku no Gaara, is a shinobi who was born in the Hidden Sand Village (Sunagakure).

His parents were Rasa, the Fourth Kazekage, and Karura, a mother who passed away when Gaara was giving birth.


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The other two members of his family are Temari and Kankuro, making him the third child.

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