Gaara was developed as a counterpoint to the series‘ title character, Naruto Uzumaki, as the two share a traumatic childhood and were born in similar circumstances.

In order to create his final design, which was also altered in later arcs to offer Gaara an easier-to-draw design, his designs and name underwent significant alterations.

Gaara is portrayed by Akira Ishida in the series’ Japanese version, while Liam O’Brien does so in the English dub.

Gaara Naruto

Gaara of the Desert’s initial appearance in “Naruto” has the feel of a menacing rival gunslinger entering town in a Western.


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He exudes threat, which is not unexpected given that no one has been able to seriously harm him or even cause him to bleed.

Gaara begins as a homicidal monster for whom life has no value, but he eventually goes through a change that is important to “Naruto.”

Who is Gaara?

Ironically, given how chilly he initially appears, Gaara has a huge face tattoo of the Japanese character for “Love.”

He soon admits that he got that tattoo after realizing that no one would ever love him, so he had to learn to love himself.

Self-love is crucial, but this was an unhealthy form. Gaara became convinced that he was all by himself and that everyone else was just there for show.


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He even made a serious threat to kill his own brother, which was seen as such based on the response.

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