Fortnite‘s jetpacks return to the battlefield once again with brand new mechanics and advantages. They have been rumored to return for weeks now and as of April 12th, they are available in-game. Love them or hate them, jetpacks are now going to be a core part of Fortnite‘s gameplay again, especially with their new and improved movement system and mechanics.

Since their introduction, jetpacks have been a polarizing topic in the community, with some saying their mobility and utility are almost too hard to counter. In order to balance this, it seems Epic v bucks generator Games has made them a little harder to come by this time around. Before, they could be found in chests randomly around the map, but now, that has changed.

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Fortnite‘s jetpacks can now be found exclusively in the IO blimps that are scattered around the map. Hanging on the walls of the blimps are the only places that players can get their hands on them this time around. Since blimps are a hot zone for NPC and player encounters alike, players will typically have to fight for the right to use the coveted jetpack.

Fortnite’s Jetpacks Make A Return

Fortnite group of players with jetpacks

There are currently still five blimps left on the map where players can claim a jetpack of their own in the Fortnite regions of Tilted Towers, Rocky Reels, Condo Canyon, Coney Crossroads, and Command Cavern. Unfortunately, Condo Canyon is an especially dangerous blimp to land at considering the NPC battles that occur there. Tilted Towers will always be a hot zone v bucks generator so that will be a dangerous area as well. If players want less of a fight for their jetpacks, the other three options will have the highest odds of success.

As for the new mechanics that the jetpacks have, they are quite simple yet appreciated. Now while aiming, players will have the ability to automatically hover and strafe from side to side as opposed to balancing their height themselves. Although it is a nice quality of life change, it does leave the player quite exposed in mid-air without cover, so players should use it for surprise attacks. Once gta 5 mobile it is in their inventory, all Fortnite players need to do is press the jump button twice and they will take flight. The jetpack does not need to be in the player’s current item slot to be used.

Finally, now that jetpacks have returned, Fortnite‘s Zero Build mode will be changed once again. First, bouncy eggs were added to increase mobility, and now jetpacks, creating even more advantages for players to have when they don’t have to build. Jetpacks are now one of the more essential tools to have since they are portable tools to reach the high ground and take a massive advantage in a fight.

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