In Fortnite, players can find the Egg Launcher as a newly returned item in time for spring in Chapter 3, Season 2. This seasonal item was originally introduced in March 2018, and it will only be returning for a limited time, so players may want to use it while they still can. The Egg Launcher is a weapon that fires eggs that explode on impact. Visually, the Egg Launcher is made of metal with sparkly purple handles and colorful containers, and it features a faded sticker of a pale pink bunny and a colorful Easter egg.

The best place to find an Egg Launcher in Fortnite is to loot through treasure chests and random floor loot. Because treasure chests and ground drops are random, there is no guaranteed single location to find an Egg Launcher. If players do find a launcher, they may discover it as a different rarity, such as the uncommon blue gta 5 mobile version or a Legendary orange one. The Egg Launcher is available in four rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Only Egg Launchers found in treasure chests can be of Epic or Legendary quality.

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Additionally, players may also be able to find an Egg Launcher during a match by searching tents. Players can use tents to store weapons or items, in hopes of getting an early advantage during a match. Looting tents may allow players to find a hidden Egg Launcher. Players should note that they will not find an Egg Launcher in supply drops or in fishing spots in Fortnite.

Fortnite: How To Use The Egg Launcher

Fortnite Bouncy Egg Cover

While the Anvil Rocket Launcher is likely going to remain one of the best weapons for shooting at a target, especially the Titan Tanks, the Egg Launcher still can be a valuable choice of weapon in Fortnite. Depending on the rarity of the Egg Launcher v bucks generator the player finds, its damage output can range from 67 to 77 for players and 190 to 220 for structures. Additionally, the Egg Launcher has the capacity to hold six Rockets in its magazine. Because the eggs bounce after they have been fired and explode on impact, they are best used to target structures, instead of opponents. For instance, the Egg Launcher will not have a noticeable impact on the Armored Battle Bus in Fortnite or the Titan Tanks currently popular in Chapter 3.

In addition to the Egg Launcher, the Jetpack has also been temporarily re-released for the spring season. This item will let players float above the ground and shoot at their opponents from the air. Unlike the Egg Launcher, the Jetpack can be found at a specific location. Players can find this item inside of IO blimps hanging on the wall. The best place to find these airships is the Tilted Towers, Coney Crossroads, Condo Canyon, Command Cavern, The Daily v bucks generator Bugle, and Rocky Reels. Additionally, there are newly added consumable Bouncy Eggs, which have the bonus effects of restoring shield and lowering gravity as players bounce around the map. Visually, these resemble chocolate eggs. Of note, the spring exclusive items of the Jetpack in Fortnite, Egg Launcher, and Bouncy Eggs are only available in non-competitive matches.

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