BTS isn’t your typical boy band; they’re no Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block. BTS is profound. Very deep. The lyrics of the group’s songs are well-known for carrying profound cultural messages and generating debate.

What’s The Real Meaning Behind J-Hope’s More?

They address mental illness, inequality, individuality, alternative lifestyles, and cultural standards. J-hope is the lighter, sunnier member who has occasionally appeared out of sync with his bandmates – in fact, he nearly left BTS once. “More,” on the other hand, was a complete 180.

With its drum-heavy, rock guitar, refreshing and challenging combination of grunge and old-school hip-hop, the tune unleashes j-dark hope’s and twisted inner emo.

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It’s a big cry from his previous perky, fluffy, and happy commercial singles, but yet matching BTS’ levels of profundity and gravitas. “More” is about how far j-hope has come as well as how far he still needs to go in order to progress.

“I’m still here (not enough). Eleven years of self-study. My highlighting is my learning art. Unending research, “He is singing. J-hope admits to enjoying his celebrity currency but wishing for more because life isn’t just about money and fame.

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“More” is about his desire to keep making music and achieving new heights. It’s about his desire to test his limits and explore his darker side.

“Everyone, beware, I’m reckless. Keep pumping up Dali, drunk on artistic painting “J-hope is a rapper. “Maintain my enthusiasm; I must depart. I’m still (insufficient), “In the outro, he sings.

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