Every new season of Stranger Things has featured a large number of new cast members to replace those who were ruthlessly killed off in earlier episodes.

Eddie Munson, one of the major newcomers in season 4, has emerged as a fan favorite among fans thanks to his tough exterior, gentle, sensitive interior, and quick wit.

Fans have naturally been worried about Eddie in season 4 because death is always a possibility on Stranger Things, but does the new character pass away following the events of volume 

Does Eddie die in Stranger Things season 4?

Yes, Eddie dies tragically in Stranger Things season 4 volume 2.

In episode 1 of season 4, Chrissy the cheerleader comes to Eddie to get drugs since she has been plagued by a figure in her nightmares. This marks the beginning of Eddie’s adventure. However, their discussion is cut short when Chrissy is killed by Vecna, the figure from her dreams.

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Eddie becomes the prime suspect in Chrissy’s murder because he was the last person to see her alive. As a result, Chrissy’s lover Jason, the team captain of the school’s basketball team, organizes his buddies to look for Eddie.

Fortunately for Eddie, the Hawkins group finds him first and helps him understand the Upside Down and that Chrissy’s death was the fault of the recently arrived demon Vecna.

Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie enter the Upside Down through a gate that has appeared in Lover’s Lake while the group hunts for the monster, but the journey proves to be very risky.

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While Steve is imprisoned and Nancy is controlled by Vecna, Robin and Eddie manage to exit the mystery dimension safely, leaving viewers with an agonizing cliffhanger heading into part 2. Netflix

Thankfully, Steve and Nancy are successful in leaving the Upside Down in volume 2, but the group immediately starts making preparations to return the fight to Vecna.

The gang goes to a nearby gun shop before returning to the Upside Down in an effort to tempt Vecna out.

When difficulties occur, Eddie is forced to decide whether to flee back into our world with Dustin or to finally step up and save his new companions. Eddie and Dustin are tasked with maintaining the clear path back to our world.

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Eddie goes back into the Upside Down to alert the Demobats that have been attacking the gang after he chooses on the latter.

Sadly, after putting up a brave battle, Eddie is severely injured by the bats and eventually dies in Dustin’s arms from his wounds.

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