The couple broke up in August 2019, and a source at the time claimed that the former bartender was enraged by his “controlling behavior” and that “It’s over for good.”

Did Summer clash with Paul Hollywood’s estranged Alexandra?

Yes, The Sun claimed in February 2019 that Summer had gotten into a heated argument with her boyfriend Paul’s ex-wife.

While visiting a Marks & Spencer, the two ran into each other.

According to witnesses, Alex Hollywood referred to Summer Monteys-Fullam as a “slut” and a “whore.”

After the argument spilled into the parking lot, police were summoned amid reports that one of Summer’s friends allegedly pounded on her window as she drove away.

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Furious “Do you know how much you’ve harmed my son,” Alex remarked to Summer.

A customer in Canterbury, Kent, remarked of the language: “I was completely disgusted. She referred to the younger woman as a whore and slut.

“This is simply not the kind of behavior you anticipate from Marks and Sparks.

But she also added, “Do you know how much you’ve damaged my son?” At that point, you understand what the whole incident was about.

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However, mother Alex stated that she was the innocent victim of the argument at 4 o’clock and reported harassment by calling the police.

The two ran into one other at the store’s checkouts, setting off the pyrotechnics. While Alex was by himself, Summer was with her sister Saskia and mother Sabina.

She was so horrified to see Summer that her only words were, “Do you know how much you’ve wounded my son,” according to a friend of Alex’s.

“As Alex walked to her car, Summer giggled and began to record.

The other women began verbally attacking her at that point. Alex dialed 911 after becoming uneasy.

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“Enquiries were carried out in which all parties involved were offered words of advice,” Kent Police said in response to complaints of a disturbance.

Alex is convinced that the fact that Summer was standing next to her in the M&S line was not a coincidence.

According to a source, Alex would view this as Summer being vengeful and immature. It appears that Summer is telling Alex “f*** you” and telling everyone who predicted her and Paul’s breakup, “Watch this space!”

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