The Primark girl allegedly killed herself and appeared to commit herself, according to rumors.

Reddit and other social media sites led us to learn that the white girl who fought Primark in the video today committed herself.

Some have even claimed that everyone who had been harassing her after this became to advocate for mental health.

We are unable to report any confirmation of the white girl’s death or suicide because it has not been confirmed by any government sources.

Everyone talks about the fight that took place at the Primark in Birmingham as if it were humorous, and how the white girl peed herself, possibly as a result of pressure from the female who was sitting on top of her.


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However, they did not realize how ashamed that girl was at the moment. But since everyone was talking about it and making fun of her, the incident became a running joke.

Additionally, some internet users made the statement that this is how social media encourages suicidal thoughts.


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Following the publication of this video online, some internet users have noted that while being humiliated and urinating in public is bad enough, having someone videotape her naked body without her permission is unacceptable.

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