In a vintage Peloton video, Meloni can be seen exercising while entirely nake-ed, his privates being obscured by a blue box.

Christopher Meloni made the decision to strip down for the latest Peloton commercial, in which he advertises the program that offers him a variety of activities, on Thursday, July 14.

In a vintage Peloton video that is currently going viral, Meloni is shown exercising while entirely nake-ed, with a creative blur box hiding his privates.

Christopher Meloni Peloton ad Video

The caption for the video states, “We adore all our Members…even those who observe unusual holidays #NationalNudeDay.” For the humorous one-minute short, the handsome star worked out without any clothing on other than white tennis shoes and socks.


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To show off his toned physique, he engaged in a range of activities like dumbbell squats, bicycle kicks, bicep curls, yoga, and cardio kickboxing.

During the advertisement, Christopher said, “It seems like some people find the way I exercise weird. Sincerely, I don’t understand. The Peloton app is then used by him to choose a class before remarking, “I don’t think using the Peloton app is at all weird.

Yes, they are well known for their incredible machinery. However, the app inspires me to engage in a variety of exercises, including yoga, cardio, meditation, and strength training.

Then, as a dog growls at him, he hilariously goes for a run outside while completely undressed.


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“In the Peloton community, users are represented by two separate, though equally motivated groups: those who wear pants, and Christopher Meloni,” a voiceover then said. Social media users hilariously responded to this trending video.

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