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  • Affordable Health Insurance in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts is a unique state when it comes to health care coverage. Massachusetts has become the model for health care reform for the nation. Of all states, affordable health insurance in Massachusetts is the most possible. There are cost-efficient public options subsidized by the state as well as many private and employer-sponsored plans from which […]

  • Plans For California Health Insurance Exchange Take Shape

    California officials are working to make health insurance for California more affordable and value-based with plans for an Internet-based exchange. The plan is expected to not only help individual consumers, but to also help business owners struggling with escalating California health insurance rates. In California, health insurance premium increases have […]

  • Why You May NOT Want to Use Your Health Insurance for Counseling

    Why not use your health insurance for counseling? Isn’t that what it is for? Perhaps. But using health insurance for mental health services is a little different than other medical issues. Sometimes mental health issues are not covered by your health insurance. Once you use your health insurance for mental […]

  • Health Care Reform Made Simple

    My name is John Ross and I have spent my entire 40 + year career in health care. Specifically, my background and experience is in developing and managing evidence planning, reimbursement applications, and health economics strategies for a number of fortune 500 health care technology businesses. In short, my job was to help the companies […]

  • Telemedicine in the Affordable Health Care Act Explained

    Telemedicine is a significant part of the hearty and innovation driven Reasonable Consideration Act framework (Obama care) and gives roads to lessening costs in the new medical care structure, since it offers choices in how to get to medical care administrations. The Reasonable Consideration Act is the most extensive upgrade […]

  • Rebuilding the Tower of Babel – A CEO’s Perspective on Health Information Exchanges