According to a news release obtained by CNN affiliate WINK, the lawyer for Brian Laundrie’s family on Friday published eight pages from Laundrie’s notebook that was discovered close to his remains in Florida in October of last year.

Laundry included the following in the journal: “I apologize to everyone that this may annoy. Although I know many people loved Gabby, she was my true love. Because I adore her family, I sincerely apologize to them.”

He described Petito being hurt and trying to aid her on another page.

“I don’t know the extent of Gabby’s ingerys (sic) only that she was in extreme pain. I ended her life, I thought it was merciful, that it is what she wanted, but I see now all the mistakes I made. I panicked. I was in shock. But from the moment I decided, took away her pain, I knew I couldn’t go on without her,” he wrote.

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According to Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue, strangling was determined to be Petito’s cause of death and homicide was determined to be the manner of death.
After a meeting with the FBI and a lawyer for Petito’s family where they gathered the personal possessions of Petito and Laundrie, Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino said he released the notebook pages.

“As part of this return of property in FBI custody I was given Brian’s notebook. I would like to share with the public the note that the FBI alluded to on January 21, 2022, that Brian claimed responsibility for the death of Gabby Petito,” Bertolino said.

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Bertolino released eight pages of the notebook and it is not known their order in the notebook that was recovered.

On the last page released, Laundrie wrote, “I have killed myself by this creek in the hopes that annimals (sic) may tear me apart. That it may make some of her family happy.”

The last words on the page, written with a different pen than the previous ones said, “Please pick up all of my things. Gabby hated people who litter.”

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