On Saturday, July 23, 2022, the much-anticipated “Level up” seventh season of the Big Brother Naija reality television series debuted.

For the following 10 weeks, this season’s housemates, who come from a variety of backgrounds, will fight and compete for the big prize of presents valued at N100 million.

We provide highlights from the twelve housemates that have thus far been accepted into this season of Big Brother Naija:


Groovy, whose real name is Stanley Orakwe, is an Anambra State native who will fill the room with good feelings, drama, and laughter.

“I think I’m a really imaginative person, and I think my grin is very contagious. I am a lover, not a warrior. I am available and single,” he declared.


In her interview with media personality Ebuka Uchendu, Beauty, who describes herself as forthright, said she would bring all the reality to the show.

She added that she does not believe in love at first sight and that she is a very good cook. Beauty is a former beauty queen who is from Taraba State. She claims to be bringing a lot of vitality to the home.


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Khalid, a native of Plateau State who enjoys basketball, claimed that he is an excellent fighter and artist. He also stated that he is not looking for a partner and does not think that love can be found at first sight.

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Ilebaye, a Kogi State native, said we should anticipate Gen Z drama from her. She claims that despite being a lover, she will not be a shipper.


Cyph, a native of Mbaise in Imo State, told us to anticipate drama and cruise from him. He declared that he enjoys eating and that he thinks that love may be found instantly. He also disclosed his intentions to socialize with the other residents.


Amaka is from the state of Anambra. She’s playing to win money, after all. She is an extreme person who would rather fight than give up. She describes herself as a go-getter who pursues her goals no matter what. Anyone who thinks a male will win this year’s season will be let down, she hopes.


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Kess, the lone married player this season, said he is bringing positive energy and will put his marriage aside to focus on the game. His wife fully supports him in this.


Daniella, a poet who is 22 years old, dislikes theater. The twin aspires to become well-known as a poet. She is very honest, transparent, and skilled in a variety of skills. She is not a complete believer in love at first sight. She is a native of Cross River State’s Obudu.


Saviour describes him as extremely self-assured and hilarious. He thinks the venue will highlight his love of acting. The pharmacist claims that he is at the residence out of love. He has never liked a crisis because he loves tranquility.


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Phyna claims that she has a short fuse. She’s providing a lot of drama, excitement, and mood. Drama, according to Phyna, might involve violence. Additionally, she is bringing something that has never been seen on the show. She doesn’t think in the concept of love at first sight. She is an Edo State native.


He can be irksome on purpose, according to Bryann. Bryann claims he entered the competition to show off all of his skills. He’s delivering drama and energy. He feels great in his own skin. He enjoys creating music. He rejects the notion of love at first sight. He is single and might be open to dating.

Christy O

Christy O likes to use sarcasm to amuse and irritate others. She claims to be fun in all its forms. She is never vulnerable to surprises. She doesn’t believe in “chopping breakfast” because she doesn’t want to “fall in love at first sight.” She is an Ondo State native.

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