Allyson Felix went to Los Angeles Baptist High School in North Hills, California, where she earned the nickname “Chicken Legs” from her teammates due to her body’s tiny legs despite her strength as a five-foot-six, 125-pound sprinter.

The fact that she could deadlift at least 270 pounds while still in high school belied her tiny build, which also concealed her track speed and strength.

Jonathan Patton, Felix’s high school sprint coach, is credited with a large portion of her early success.

Allyson Felix Shoes

The most decorated female track and field Olympian in the nation, Allyson Felix, left Nike in a high-profile split in 2019 and was unable to secure sponsorship with any other shoe companies.


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Felix chose to start her own shoe firm when the pandemic prevented her from making a fifth Olympic team last spring, which is practically unprecedented of in the sports industry.

Who is Allyson Felix?

Felix finished in second place to Jamaican Veronica Campbell in the 200-meter race at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens at the age of 18.

Her run of 22.18 seconds created a new world junior record for the 200-meter distance. After leaving Athens, Felix and her trainer Pat Connolly—who also coached Olympic 100-meter champion Evelyn Ashford in 1984—participated no more since Connolly had relocated to Virginia and Felix had trouble training by herself.


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The youthful sprinter then sought out Bob Kersee’s coaching, and she trained with him for the following 18 years.

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